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Thando Opens Up About Single Life


Thando Thabethe

In 2018, media personality, Club DJ and actor – Thando Thabethe confirmed that she and her boyfriend of five years, Frans, had called it quits, although she did not get into the details about why she and Frans broke up she has been quite open about single life after Frans.

During her interview on Podcast & Chill With MacG, Thando revealed that she thought that she’d be happy and content about being single, but it has turned out to be a bit of a challenge.

Thando revealed that she’s been single for the past eight months and that before dating Frans she was in another relationship; hence it’s been a bit challenging for her to be in the dating pool again.

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“To be honest, before this relationship, I was in another relationship, so I actually have not been single in my adult life. So it’s literally a mind f***, it’s weird.” 

Although it’s been weird being alone, Thando is warming up to living the single life and is getting used to it.

Mac G asked her if she has attempted to try out dating platforms like Tinder to get back into the dating game and she revealed that it is something that she could not do.

“No, I couldn’t; I don’t think I could put my face on Tinder.”

When asked what type of man she’s looking for now, Thando responded by saying that she does not date for status, but she would date someone who is ambitious and someone who has or is getting their life in order and has their mental headspace in the right position.
She also added that she would like to date someone who is romantic and funny as she considers herself to be someone who is quite comedic.

Speaking about her career, in a couple of weeks Thando prepares for the release of her latest movie titled – Loves Lives Here which is set to open in cinemas on the 29th of March 2019.

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